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Should there be an awards show for best teen panty dance on youtube?
Lol...there seems to be one for every teen girl in the country out say why not give them their own awards show...what ya think?? What would be the categories?? lol
ummmm...... i would say no.... lol!! i don't have one.... but the categories could be the types of panties or the color!! lol
At teen camp do girls kind of like it if you do panty and bra raids on them ? Also do you know what happens?
if you get caught by the girls or their counselors redhanded with their silly stuff?
If you get caught, they are going to make you wear them bra's and panties for every one to see!
How do you put on teen panties and bras?
I am a 13 year old boy and i have an older sister and a night i sneek in her room and take her panties and bras and put them on should i tell her that i do it? They are so comfertable then boys boxers.
omg that`s so hilarious please don`t tell me you where them to school!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i`m a girl so i can`t really answer that question
Teen girls...panty line help...?
I'm fourteennn btw...These are the kind I have. How tight should they be? I mean, I'm afraid they might be a bit too tight cause they take like eight minutes to pull on and that's not made any better by the fact that they are made out of spandex like material. How tight should riding breeches be? And how can i get rid of thick panty lines? I can't wear thongs, my parents won't let me, so I have to wear these black briefs with lace around the leg openings and waistband sooo embarrassing cause they show through really thick. How can I get rid of them? Also, I can't go commando. I've tried, and it just doesn't feel comfortable. Now I've been told the lace makes the lines worse so...
Try going to the women's underwear section. (Not the girl's section, because those pairs of underwear all have the elastic bands that bulge). Try looking for the smallest pairs of thin rimless underwear in a light, neutral color. These are like going commando, for the fact that they are thin and light and don't show panty lines.
On mexican rapists who guynap u.s. teen girls for rape and tropy panty trees...?
should the president consider these mexican coyote rapists equal to terrorists.? i was watching the Glenn Beck show when i heard about this. I think these rapists are terrorists, and whats worse the mexican government doesnt do anything about it. the panty trees are real, like a trophy, proudly displayed.
what do you think should be done politically about this.? and are the two teen girls still alive being sold and traded like sex slaves or are they dead? whats your opinion?
Do TEEN girls show their panties to their boyfriend?
Age of sophomore girls. How do you get her to know you want to see without being disrespectful to her or making her think that;s only why you're together? Do teen girls like showing their boyfriend their panties? What makes them start doing it? Honest answers please.
Umm..i wouldn't just tell her "hey i wanna see your panties"...if she has any self-respect she will probably slap you. I wouldn't ask her to at all actually...girls typically dont enjoy showing their panties off..unless they just think of you sexually. Maybe if you're cuddling you might get a glimpse of them. My bf does, and he always points it out and it embarrasses me. lol idk if thats just me though..I'm 18 btw.
Teen girls taking panty pictures..need inspirational quotes, etc?
I have a few 12-13 yr old cousins, and their friends all look up to Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus, etc. They recently took a picture of themselves in tanktops and panties like Miley.

I always try to talk to my cousins about things and be there for them and try to be a positive influence for them. We have sat down and had talks about respecting uorselves and being classy not trashy, but yet nothing seems to sink in.

I would like to know some good ways to enforce this and ways to keep motivating them.

If anyone has any stories, quotes, poems, anything for teenage girls on being themselves, respecting themselves, etc, I would love to see them..please post them! Thanks so much!

When I was 12-13 I was climbing trees and playing with barbies, how the world has changed!
well, just let them be, they want to do it, let them....
Teen girls I need panty advise?!?
Ok this is kinda weird and I'm sorry but please still help. I am a 14 year old boy and I wear panties with my skinny jeans and sometimes just for the feeling. Sorry little off track. Anyway I need some of your advise! What type of panties ( like hipsters or thongs stuff like that) do you like best and what feels best? What stores are best? What fabric is the most comfortable? What would you recommend for me? Anyway thank you ever so much for reading and or answering! Also invade you need it I'm a size zero to one in womens I think? Anyway thanks much(:
Lol hey. Im a teen girl and personally i think thongs are the best. the place on the underwhere that covers your *** is what matters. If it is real thick and you get a wedgie umm ouch! if it is a thin strap like a thong you cant feel it and plus you dont have a big thick piece of clothing in your *** all day.
Teen girls...who here has problems with panty lines?
So I just got a brand new pair of these blue hollister skinny sweatpants (the tight fitting kind). so I wore them yesterday but when I got home i happened to look in my full figure mirror and lo and behold, PANTY LINES. i was so embarrassed. Not only could you see the panty outline, but also the lines where the panties wrapped around my legs and stuff ughhh so embarrassing. My parents won't let me wear thongs, so that is completley out of the question, and I can't go without panties. My first quesiton is: how many of you have problems with panty lines and also, how do you get rid of themm?? My idea would be to wear nylon tights underneath my sweatpants, then the bikini panties. Would that work?
I would not get very tight pants like that because in whatever panties you wear- the line may show.
Thongs aren't really best to get- especially when you go on your period or something. You need something to hold on your butt too, Lol.
I know nothing about panties..I just know I wear ones that are near to the kind little girls wear XD (my mom buys them DX) But they don't show any panty lines at all.
Thee are some like this for older girls (but mom won't get because they cost more @_@) but yeah.. you could try the bikini-styled panties. There's a less chance of that panty line showing.
The kind of pants you get also decide whether the line shows or not
Tight fitting pants aren't best if you don't want the line to show..but try to look for different types at a store like Victoria's Secret. (they have everything! ..according to commercials >.>)
Is it normal for a teen boy to want to try panties?
I see all the pretty styles and colors and fabrics that girls underwear are made of and am jealous. Boys underwear is so boring, Am I normal?
Yep, you are normal. I started wearing panties when I was in high school and have never stopped. I just find them more comfortable and fun to wear. Just be careful your friends don't find out. They will never stop teasing you.

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