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Redecorating ideas for a tiny teen room?
Im 15 and my room is EXTREMELY small. I have a queen sized bed now and two twin dressers. So my beds WAY too big and the dressers are WAY too small. I was planning on painting all but one of my walls red, and changing to white wood floors. (do they even have those??) So if you guys could give ANY info on where I should get furniture, paint, etc. or if you have any other ideas, type them in~ points go to the best answer!
Please and Thank You!
Try a king-size bed, and you won't need to spend on other furniture.
Places to get good clothes for a tiny teen?
I'm 14, and 5' even. I have chicken legs, can't fill jeans, and am super skinny. And places that I could get good quality clothes in XS juniors sizes? I have a few shirts form at abercrombieguys (XL) and they fit okay, but are are a little big. any places for good shopping (online or offline)?
Free People runs really small.
PacSun also has really small sizing.
And Hollister.
Crewcuts for guys is more grown up than most guy's clothing.
So is GAP's guys collections
As for jeans, try indiDenim or MeJeans. they make it to your measurements.

If you do shop in a guy's store, go for basics. They will look less guy like.
What chic stores will fit a tiny teen?
im 13 and very small. i weigh 81 pounds and i am 4 feet and 7 inches.what stores will have chic, cute clothes that will fit me?
I am very small myself, and it is always hard finding clothes. Forever 21 is definitely your best bet. Really stylish clothes, that come SUPER small. Any other retailer similar to Forever 21 will work good to- as they are made to Asian sizes, which are smaller than American sizes. I don't know what you have near you, but Papaya and Body Shop and Charlotte Russe have cheap, cute clothes that run really small. Also check out young girls stores, like Limited Too and and Justice for Girls. They have cute clothes, and their sizes will definitely fit. I am 26 and I shop in those stores! The stores suggested by the previous poster run big, and won't often fit tiny people- even it the tag says XS
DIY (teen) tiny walk in closet?
How can I make the most of my space in my tiny walk in closet? Any ideas?? Thanks :o)
I got metal bars to hang clothing, and it has a self on the top. I get plastic boxes and fill it with clothes that i don't wear, like putting winter clothes in there when it's summer and vice versa. Don't hang a lot, box it. although you might have to iron it before you wear it.
Swimsuits for a tiny teen?
I'm a lot smaller than the average teen. I'm 4'11" and wear a 32A bra. My hips are 29 1/2 inches. I can't find swimsuits that fit.
Does anyone know of any stores with juniors swimsuits that would fit me? Oh, and don't you dare say Abercrombie. (:
i am smaller than you and i am in highschool,
so i know exactly how it is!

this is really random, but Value City has a million
American Eagle small bathing suits that even fit me,
and people mistake me for a 6th grader. haha
but they are really cute too and reallly cheap,
about $5.

good luck
i know your delima!

I'm a tiny teen, any ideas?
I'm 17 and a tiny 4ft 10. I am a size 8 and find it impossible to find clothes to fit. Jeans always have to be taken up or I end up walking on the ends.
I have bought guyrens jeans but the smallest age I can fit into is a 13, which are still usually too long. I have looked for petite clothing but most start at 5ft, which are still too long or are for older people.
Any ideas??
UK please
Buy jeans that match your waistline/hipline. Cut the excess at the end of the jeans until it fits you. Then fold the edges(where you left after cutting the excess) and sew it by hand or machine.
got it?

I'm really sure there are some tops, dresses that will fit you. They sell it everywhere.
Is it normal for a pre-teen to get a TINY bit excited about Christmas like every now and then?~?
~well is it~??
Of course it is! Not only normal but predictable.
With parties and all the media hype it is hard to "not" show some excitement now and then!
Cute clothes for a tiny but teen girl...?
okay i am 14 but really small; i still want to wear cute clothes in adult fashions but fitting is really hard, any store/website suggestions?

my measurements:
bust: 29"
underbust: 25 1/2"
waist: 22 1/2 "
hips: 33 1/2"
inseam: 30"

I think Forever 21 and Delias would be a great place to start :D Or you could try Charlotte Russe which is the cutest store in the entire world. I love shopping there.
A good store to buy a white shirt for girls/teen girls?
I don't like Jc Penny or Sears or Limited Too, etc, abercrombie guys works, but 40 bucks, so screw that. Hollister and Aero's too big, I should try marshalls? I need a white-shirt for my job as an usher. And the reason why it has to be in guy's size is because I am too tiny for a typical teen shirt. BUt I'll try anyways. Any ideas other than this? THANKS!
Forever 21 has some for 6 bucks if not less

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